My Skills

this is a collection of my skills i have collected over the years.



Throughout all the games i have be a part of developing, i have given a lot of input on the design aspect of the product. My favorite part of making the game has to be designing the system and forging unique style of play for the player.

When it comes to designing a game i look into certain aspects and what feeling i what the player to feel when playing the game along wit drawing inspiration from the games i play, the films i watch and art i enjoy.

  • Adding twists on set new genres.
  • Pushing the boundaries of a set of genres  
  • Writing detailed and informative Game Design Documents 
  • Managing projects using Scrum as will as creating product timelines and detailed feature lists.

I have done many design projects and have gained design software skills and project management experiences.


Over several group projects i have participated in I have been project lead or lead designer ,tasked with guiding the projects direction and providing tasks to the team members. 

I have a the abiliot to quicky pickup meany forms of sortware





My primary skills are in games and application creation using Unity 3D, along with both 2D and 3D asset creation using 3Ds Max and Adobe Photoshop.

I have over 3 years of experience with 3Ds Max and Photoshop, and I also have experience with web page building using HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.



I currently have over 3 years of experience with Unity3D and a good knowledge of all the available tools, such as those for particle systems, physics, audio, and lighting. My experience lies in making both 3D and 2D games and applications. I am also effective at creating working prototypes in a short amount of time.

I have developed for platforms such as:

Android mobile
Windows PC

Some specific examples of scripts I have created include:

  • Unity particle system
  • Automatic sprite ordering system
  • 3D orientation of 2D sprites (a 360° sprite sheet of an object to be shown in 3D Space)
  • Advanced player controller creation
  • Animation controllers

Software experience