An RPG with a focus on procedural quest generation.


An RPG with a focus on procedural quest generation.

For my final year project in University, I worked on a Procedural mission generating system, that would procedural create quests for the player with narratives.

the prototypes involve a player exploring an over the world and talking to npcs; the player can get quests for the npcs by talking to them, the quests are genorated depending on The relationsips between npcs and are created for fit in to the herops journy format.

This prototype was made for testing purposes only, but more work shall be done to the generator and the game soon so expect a new prototype to be released early June.

Demo ETA: June



A plug based puzzler.

This is a small prototype I developed to have a go at making a puzzle game.  The objective of the game is to power all the devices on the scene by using the power cables with different plugs and extension cables.

This was quite a fun project to make and I have many ideas to continue and develop it further.

Download and Play it here.


A physics based hovership racer prototype.

This is a small prototype I made have a go at making a physics-based control scheme where you control each engine individually. The There is no exact goal of in this game,

you can try to master the controls a fly around the level. 

you can use and a controller and keyboard  to play,

each analogue sticks to control the engines on each side.

WASD for left side engines, & IJKL or ↑↓←→  for right side engines.

** This project is on hold until I can aquifer the appropriate skill and resources to fully realise the project.

Fracture: Air Tactics is a project I working on it alongside my coursework I decide to go full on on one project instead of doing two small projects at once.The game is a 3rd person airship combat game where you control an airship around open skies in the world of Fracture, a world full of beautiful skies and floating islands. The game will focus on the combat between airships and will have some RPG elements, missions and objectives and ship upgrades.

I am Lead Designer and developer on the project creating all of the assets and scripting the game myself. 

The current goal of the project is to get a presentable prototype to present to publishers or for kick starter & Greenlight to see the possibility of continuing the project into a full release with extra features.


Run fox run is an in-development mobile Unity 3D  title I am developing for Greenlight games within a team. on the game, I am the team leader and game programmer. I work alongside the Lead programmer and the lead artist.
My responsibility for this project was UI design, bug fixing and graphics implementation, 

The game is an infinite runner game starting a cute fox running through fun filled environments


Double Gangers is a small mobile tile I have made with my friends Dan Stanescu, Thomas Ackland and Chris Withall for Brains Eden 2016

within the game you control two prisoners at once, trying to escaping from prison, move left or right or dash and see how deep you can go. avoid obstacles and that try and see how far you can go.

My role on the project has been the team leader, game designer, lead level designer, and UI designer, as well as bug fixing and play-testing.


A collection of some of the 3D work have done within 3Dsmax and Blender.

- last update : August 2016

My 2d art GALLERY 

A collection of some of my 2D work

- last update : August 2016.

Past Projects 

BRAINS Eden 2014 - 2015

Brains Eden is a game jam i participated in with a group of friends.
My role in the team was the 3D modeller and artist. I created 90% of the assets for the game along with the The In games Particle Systems and implementing the effects. 

The game was an island Survive puzzle game where the player had to manage the islands


The was a game created in a team project for my first-year coursework. The game was a top-down isometric dungeon crawler. In the team, I was a lead game designer,  Programmer and background artist. The protect reached an early alpha and was an amazing learning experience us all within protecting management.