State of the project - Grammar Systems

First, update in a year! wow, but I have been super busy and will explain what I have been up to in a later post, now I am back at uni I have a bit more time to do posts and talk about my projects, so I have been given the task of creating a blog to document my final year project. I do these posts to keep myself and my supervisors up to date on my projects research and the areas I have looked in to. and these should come out every 1-2 weeks.

The current focus of my research is within a Procedural content generation for games, focusing on generating quest and mission chains for games like RPGs and adventure games. 

Investigating into to create a system to be able to create quest chain procedurally for games like Skyrim, Wasteland, or even LOZ: Breath of the wild and finding games that have games that have these systems already t.

So far I have looked into various techniques explained within the book Procedural content generation in games where they wright about multiple methods of creating procedural missions, primarily focusing on the use of L-Systems and graph grammars.

L-systems are like constructing an alphabet of symbols generate strings or structures. L-Systems use symbols which have rules attached to instruct how they will be replaced by terminal symbols

A liner string based example could be...


UNIT-> boy | dog | ADJECTIVE robot.

ACTION-> buirnt down | entered | lived in

LOCATION -> barn | ADJECTIVE house | castle.

ADJECTIVE -> cool | old | alien ;

Using the 'Start' symbol to begin we can pass the rules they can Using with text. Then this can turn in to sentences like

. a "old robot" "entered" the "castle

. a "boy" "lived in" the "alien house

As you can see this is a simple example but I plan to use a simpler system to develop a mission I plan on using a graph grammar system that works in the same way, using nodes on a graph instead but structure.

useing a graph-based structure should allow me to have branching quests with multiple paths and ending.

The areas I am playing on looking into next are...

  1. looking into developing these systems to fit into an RPG system.
  2. looking into scaling of difficulty could work.
  3. Looking into how to set the weighting of the objects to make proper decisions on the mission can be genorated. 
  4. Making a graph grammar system with unity to start test out ideas.