Fracture Air tactics - Prototipe Release

Download the prototype now!

I have decided to upload a prototype version of the game now on for people to have a go of!

Its for desktop and you can download the windows version it below. there will soon be a mac version released soon also.

The prototype shows some of the basic controls and how some of the combat will play like. This is a demonstration of how the game be like to play but eventually everything will be updated and changed soon.

I am currently reviewing designs of the game and making a plan for the continued development. as I am currently have no idea what I'm doing next year for uni so I can't say or sure how mutch time i will have to work on the game but i hope i can have it done by next year.

Also I need to think of a cool new name for the game as its current name is only a working title.

also thank you for reading this far, please feel free leave me feedback on anything i do, also any suggestions for the game.