Experiment - Third person controller With Grapple Hook

I love to experiment in Unity and now I have a bit of free time I decided I wanted to make a third person controller, something similar to dark soles or monster hunter.

As well as that I really want to see if I can make a flexible grapple hook system for the controller be able to explore the environment more and allowing for more vertical level design.

So I made a little prototype, a made a simple system to detect the edges that can be hooked on and then the players can pull themselves up the rope.

 Once the grapple Hits the edge collier is sticks and the player can pull them self up

Once the grapple Hits the edge collier is sticks and the player can pull them self up

 There are still some... bugs

There are still some... bugs

There's sill some problems I have to decide how to fix with the grapple, such should there be there rope dynamics or the easy way of aiming and throwing directly on the ledge, we will see.


The edge collider creating. I made a small system to easily add in colliders to detect the edges.

what I do is place out the points edge of the geometry I want to be able to grapple on, and then I generate colliders on games start, this makes it so mutch easier to create triggers for the grapple to detect.

If you want to know how I did anything, give me a message.

DevBlog - Introduction

Debug.log("Hello, World!");

Hello, people, I'm Luke parsons A game designer and developer primarily using c# in Unity3D .

This blog is going to be all about game design and games development along with Asset creation, Art and design and the odd game analysis of what I'm playing or my old favorites.

I am currently in the middle of my second year of a Game design and development BSC(Hons) at the university of Greenwich. enjoying it so far besides thew things I'm very happy that I have picked a course that I really enjoy aswell as looking forward to working in an industry and I am looking for a placement a few to apply to and ill tell you all how that goes.

I'll try and have a posted up every week. 

Signing off for this, my first week.
Luke p